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The Adventure of Your Lifetime

Take a front seat to Africa with a canoe safari on the mighty Zambezi River with River Horse Safaris, your trusted Zambezi Guide for over 20 years.



There are plenty of adventures to be had in Africa, but none are more deeply connected to the roots of adventure in Africa than a canoe trip down the Zambezi.

Opt for a 2, 3, 4 or 5 night canoe adventure in this majestic landscape, where the river and  

valley spanning a vast area of 4,092 square kilometres will be your new playground – a place where the only crowd that exists is at the waters edge, where the locals are hippos and your neighbours are elephant.

An Extraordinary Experience
with Exceptional Guides


River Horse Expeditions was historically one of the first canoe safari operators in the Lower Zambezi and we have an exceptional safety record. We put this down to two key ingredients... respect and knowledge.


Our Guides are extremely respectful - affording wildlife right of way whilst on the water and allowing hippo, in particular, space to seek the safety of deep water. After many years of being on the river, our guides have developed an intimate knowledge of how best to navigate our guests safely downstream.

"If there is one trip to Africa you have to do,
then look no further. This is the one!"




A short; yet exciting canoeing safari that’s ideal if time is limited, but you still wish to get a feel of the Zambezi. Covering less distance than other routes, it’s a short and mighty tour.

Day 3 100616 Mana pools,Zambezi-0762.jpg



Our most popular canoeing safari is the perfect balance of time on the river with close-up adventure. If you’re looking for a tour that ticks every box, this trail is an ideal fit.

Getty_Zambia_Frederic_Courbet_ 172_edited.jpg

THE 4-IN-1


Perfect for every wildlife enthusiast. The 4-in-1 route offers a deep immersion into the natural beauty and wildlife that call the mighty Zambezi home.

We operate in the Lower Zambezi wilderness.

The Lower Zambezi and Mana Pools National Park are known as one of Africa’s most beautiful destinations, a ‘once in a lifetime’ place to visit. 

This remote and beautiful reserve is set among grand mountains, vast floodplains and river terraces of the Zambezi River, offering clients an authentic,
low-impact safari experience.

Our canoe safaris offer the ultimate family experience! There are not many opportunities in our busy lifetimes to completely unplug and spend valuable time with your loved ones. There is no cell phone reception here. Just the River, the wilderness and you.

Swap stories around the campfire by dusk and marvel at the most incredible starlit skies by night. Daytime promises one-on-one time in your two-man canoe - learn about the wilderness, yourself, your partner or your children! Its a time to reconnect.

We offer an owner-run experience - with over 20 years of experience, highly knowledgeable, brilliant guides and an exceptional safety record.

We have enormous respect for wildlife and retain a sustainable relationship as such.


Go Really, Really Wild on the Zambezi River


Mention the Zambezi and most people think of white-water rafting and Victoria Falls, but safari aficionados searching

for an authentic, non-commercial experience head for the Lower Zambezi in Zambia where the River Horse Safari team offer decades of unrivalled experience in the ultimate immersive safari.

River Horse Safaris - Canoeing the Zambezi-min.png

Why you'll love it!

 ✔ Owner-Run & Operated

 ✔ Sensational Wildlife

 ✔ Brilliant Guides

 ✔ Island Camping Fun

 ✔ Family-Friendly

 ✔ Breathtaking Stargazing

 ✔ Off the Grid

 ✔ Low Tourism Impact

 ✔ Support Local Community

 ✔ Delicious & Healthy Meals

 ✔ Pre & Post Accommodation

 ✔ The Adventure of a Lifetime

 ✔ Fits into a Zambian Travel Circuit

“A 4 night canoe tour in the Lower Zambezi was the absolute highlight of my two week stay in Zambia.
It turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had whilst travelling abroad.”


Breezes River Lodge

We offer solos, couples, families and groups pre and post accommodation at our lodge, Breezes River Lodge – also the basecamp for our canoe safaris, where all trips start and end.


Stay in an air-conditioned Ensuite Chalet or Rent-a-Tent!

Our ready-made tents are complete with linen and electricity charging points located under shady trees and have spotless ablution facilities. Our tents are Solo-Traveller Friendly! No single supplement applies.

We've got a bad case of the adventure bug.

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