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3 Nights / 4 Days
Zambezi Island Canoe Trail

Our most popular canoeing safari is the perfect balance of time on the river with close-up adventure. If you’re looking for a tour that ticks every box, this trail is an ideal fit.

With a variety of activities to satisfy your inner adventurer, from fireside camping to bird watching, you’ll create memories that last. 

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Take The Popular Journey

Starting at the Breezes River Lodge and canoeing approximately 72km through the serene picturesque landscapes of the lower Zambezi. Expect this popular canoe trail to offer an enjoyable discovery of life on the world-famous Zambezi river.

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What To Expect

From a canoe safari with River Horse Safaris

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72km Canoeing Adventure.

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Local Expert Guide.

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Freshly Prepared Meals.

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Overnight Island Camping. 

Outdoor Activity. 

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Wildlife & Nature.

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Feel-Good Travel In Every Sense

River Horse Safaris prides itself in offering the best Zambezi canoe safaris that are not only enjoyable and feel good, but positively impact the local environment, communities and the whole Lower Zambezi eco-system.

  • Low emissions and Co2 activity 

  • Environmentally respectful

  • Wildlife conservation

  • Local community support & training

Useful Info

Additional info to help you decide if the 4 Day / 3 Night Zambezi Island Canoe Trail is the right canoe safari for you:

“The time on the river was simply fantastic.”

“The highlight was not necessarily in the amount or variety of game we saw (though there is plenty to spot and wonderful birdlife) but in the true escape into the African wilderness. Apart from the very occasional fisherman, we saw no-one else during our trip. We camped on sandbanks in the middle of the river with no facilities other than what we carried with us on the 3 canoes. The sounds of the river at dawn and the magnificent skies at sunrise and sunset will remain forever.”

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Book Your Zambezi River Adventure

Get in touch today to book your once in a lifetime Zambezi River canoe safari.

Other Canoe Trails

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A short; yet exciting canoeing safari that’s ideal if time is limited, but you still wish to get a feel of the Zambezi. Covering less distance than other routes, it’s a short and mighty tour.



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THE 4-IN-1


Perfect for every wildlife enthusiast. The 4-in-1 route offers a deeper immersion into the natural beauty and wildlife that call the Zambezi home.



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Our most extensive canoe safari brings you closer to the best of the Zambezi River. Canoeing from the Lower Zambezi to the remote Mupata Gorge. 



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