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2 Nights / 3 Days
Zambezi Short Canoe Trail

A short, yet exciting canoeing safari that’s ideal if time is limited, but you still wish to get a feel of the Zambezi. Covering less distance than other routes, it’s a short and mighty tour.

Expect to enjoy the great outdoors with overnight island camping and discover the memorizing charm of the Zambezi. 

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"The highlight was not necessarily in the amount or variety of game we saw, but in the true escape into the African wilderness. Apart from the very occasional fisherman, we saw no-one else during our trip. We camped on sandbanks in the middle of the river with no facilities other than what we carried with us on the 3 canoes. The sounds of the river at dawn and the magnificent skies at sunrise and sunset will remain forever."
The 2 Night Journey


Starting at the Breezes River Lodge and canoeing approximately 56km through the picturesque landscapes of the Lower Zambezi. Expect this short canoe trail to offer a brief, yet memorable taste of life on the world-famous Zambezi river.

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What To Expect

From a canoe safari with River Horse Safaris

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56km Canoeing Adventure.

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Local Expert Guide.

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Freshly Prepared Meals.

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Overnight Tented Camping. 

Outdoor Activity. 

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Wildlife & Nature.

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Unleash your inner islander!

Our island camp each night is unpretentious, yet absolutely comfortable – an environmentally-conscience camp where only footprints are left behind – a far cry from light or noise pollution.

Our bow tents allow for prime viewing of dreamy starlit skies and the only noise is that of hippos munching grass, lions roaring and hyenas laughing.


Adventure Awaits.


Ready for a Bush Bath?

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