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The Mighty

Mention the Zambezi and most people think of white-water rafting and Victoria Falls, but safari aficionados searching for an authentic, non-commercial experience head for the Lower Zambezi in Zambia where Zambezi River Horse Safaris offer combined decades of unrivaled experience in the ultimate immersive safari.

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The Lower Zambezi Wilderness

Sitting in-between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Zambezi Valley is unique in its large wilderness area as the river divides both the Lower Zambezi and Mana Pools National Parks. 

This large wilderness creates a biodiversity hotspot.

If you look at the flora of the Lower Zambezi, you immediately understand why this is such a great place to see a lot of wildlife in a relatively small area. On the fertile banks of the river, elephant herds and other herbivores feast on juicy green leaves. Rich soil, tall green trees, elephants, birds and other wildlife: the result is a stunningly beautiful rich landscape, a true utopia for anybody seeking pure Africa.

Wildlife Sightings with Zambezi River Horse Safaris

FAQ - So which wildlife species would I expect to see on a canoe safari?

The Big Four

Look out for all the big species you would expect to see during a safari trip, except for the rhino. Unfortunately, poaching has has had a devastating effect on rhino populations here, so you’ll still have one left on your Big Five-bucket list. But, we would like to emphasize the fact that a safari in Zambia is not only about seeing the Big Five. There is so much to discover, big and small, that you will be overwhelmed by all the nature splendor.

Mammals & Predators

There is a strong, diverse population of big game in the Lower Zambezi. Elephant and buffalo sightings are common (although seeing them never gets old) as they like to swim between the mosaic of islands on the river.

Lions, hyenas, wild dogs (this one just reappeared in 2015) and leopards are the main predators in the areas. Leopards especially feel at home because of the many large trees, in which this slightly elusive cat likes to hide.


Whether you are already a hardcore bird-enthusiast or never thought about ‘birding’ before in your life: after your first safari to the Lower Zambezi, birds will win over your heart. The come in so many shapes and sizes: 378 species have been recorded here, including many species of eagle, heron, stork and bee-eater. 

Getting Here

Breezes River Lodge is our homebase where all canoe safaris start and finish. Preferred access is by road transfer from Kariba, Lusaka or Livingstone.
Our team are on standby to assist with logistics.

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